Country Mix

Country Mix

Power of nature, The Intelligent Dog Nutrition is formulated to be as Unique and as Individual as Your Dog is.
Every and each dog is an individual with his or her own specific needs. Dogs of all ages will benefit from the superior nutrition of „Power of nature“ foods. You just choose the right „Power of nature“ formula fitting your dog‘s personal needs.

In our high quality dry food vitamins, micronutrients, powerful natural antioxidants as well as  essential Omega fatty acids are added to the kibbles AFTER cooking. This is how they remain in their natural form highly unchanged.

Power of nature „Country Mix“ is a complete nutrition for dogs in all lifestages with all essential nutritives, optimal balanced for a long healthy and happy life. It is formulated with with high-quality protein from 5 different meats and fish. Carefully balanced Country Mix is well suited also to the special needs of large dogs and puppies.

Country Mix contains a plenty of meat and carefully selected high quality-only ingredients  without Potatoes, Maize, Wheat, Beans, Peas or Soy. It is naturally free of gluten with a high digestibility and an excellent bioavailability. The Single source of carbohydrates (rice) makes it gently on the stomach and therefore it is perfect also for dogs with grain intolerances.

Wolves would also envy our dogs „Power of Nature Country Mix“... (TM)

Country Mix 2Kg

11,50 EUR

incl. 7 % VAT excl. shipping costs

5,75 EUR pro kilogram

Country Mix 6Kg

31,50 EUR

incl. 7 % VAT excl. shipping costs

5,25 EUR pro kilogram

Country Mix 12Kg

50,00 EUR

incl. 7 % VAT excl. shipping costs

4,17 EUR pro kilogram