Welcome to Cats' Country, the "Extraordinary" cat and dog specialists!

Use our expertise and commitment as well as our now over 30-years experience in cat and dog nutrition for the well-being of your furry friends.

We have been looking for the best and most unusual products worldwide. And if we have not found - even after extensive research – anything we really like, we have made it ourselves or authorized the brightest minds with the best facilities to produce it for us! You will certainly find many things unusual. But in all we do, we have only one thing in mind: only the best is good enough for our four-legged friends! Without compromise.

While choosing our products we focus on health and natural.
For us this means:

  • raw materials in human quality
  • no animal testing, no raw materials from intensive farming (because farm animals are part of our "team", and their well-being is also important
  • for us.) We are a sponsor for the WSPA World Society for Protection of Animals
  • no artificial preservatives or antioxidants
  • free of antibiotics, hormones and GMO
  • free of artificial flavourings and flavour enhancers
  • free of low quality by-products (animal or vegetable origin)
  • care products without any potential harmful substances

The Cats' Country team is committed since 1997 to the well-being of our pets. As Cats' Country was founded, we were the first and only online shop in Germany, which offered only high quality natural foods for cats and dogs without any low quality animal or vegetable by-products and without artificial antioxidants. Many laughed at first ... and but soon they tried to copy us!

We are still keeping up this policy:
No product is accepted or recommended by us before it was extensively tresearched, tested and approved by us (and our cats & dogs). We reject many items that do not meet our high standards. And we also sometimes take out products from our product range if they should not convince us anymore. Hardly anyone invests so much time and effort to test and research their products as we do – but only if they convince us we can stand behind them and recommend them to our valued customers. So you can always be sure that our products are safe, natural and holistic – simply good for your beloved cat or dog!

Therefore, our quality has become a real "label" and the "word of mouth" has spread our ideas so that Cats' Country products are sold throughout whole Europe making cats, dogs and their owners happy.
Since 2005 our own shipping center takes care for a fast and reliable processing of your orders, not only in Germany but in the whole EU.

We sell and recommend only foods which we feed to our cats and dogs, and toys and care products which we use ourselves, too!
When we sell a product, you can be sure that you have purchased a real quality product.

Since 1997 our customers rely on Cat Country quality. If the professional expertise and knowledge of cat and dog nutrition and care, good service, fast delivery and excellent quality products are important for you, then you have come to the right place now.

We hope you (and your four-legged friends) have fun browsing these sites, choosing and trying the products.

Your Cats Country Team
Elina & Wolfgang with Anthony, BamBam, Caruso, Giacomo, Cleo, Cookie, Fee, Felicitas, Francies, Haven, Laura, Lilly, Lotte, Minka, Miss Marple, Pebbles, PeeWee, Tessa.